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Here's how it came out!

For my teacher I decided that I would personally make him into the Epic Sax Guy


2011-05-26 23:39:02 by nickpick134

For class we had to make a self portrait of ourselves and I just used one of my old pictures and Bam! One brand spankin' new picture!



2011-05-15 18:41:19 by nickpick134

This summer is going to be the time when I'll post some new pictures and maybe one movie! I am going to experiment with flash and illustrator to get a feel for the software. I know I have barely posted anything, but no fear there will be new pictures on my account soon!



2011-02-20 23:15:22 by nickpick134

Hey Guys! My name is Nick! I am hoping to later use what I am learning to make a flash animation... I hopefully will have something posted in the summer! I (like everyone else on this site) want to be a cartoonist to grow up, so in order to do that I will be posting some pictures and hopefully some animations soon!